Tips For Submitting Great Startup Week Events

Startup Week events are happening all around the world! Thank you for researching how you can help your local Startup Week event (and if you don’t have one, I’d highly suggest starting one up)!

If you are interested in hosting an event at a Startup Week here are some tips:

  • Look and see if your city supports the Event Picker. We are rolling this out this year and this enables you to suggest an event to take place.
  • Submit an event that you would like to attend.
  • Do not submit a pitch or a reason for someone to hire you. Startup Week is a community event and this isn’t a very community thing to do.
  • Event titles that explain how the attendee will be better by going are great. “Learn Design Tips from Technical Hackers” is a great example. How will the attendee benefit?
  • Have people from other companies involved.
  • Invite friends from other cities to share what they have learned.
  • Think outside the panel. What are the top 5 things you would have loved to know when you were just starting? Build your event around this! Can you have two amazing founders interview each other and have an open conversation?
  • What do you wish your city had? Run an event suggesting solutions to problems you see.
  • Start a legacy event like Ignite, Startup Grind or Startup Drinks that will run throughout the year if your community doesn’t have one.

Most importantly, have fun. Some of my favorite people in the world spend their time figuring out how to give the most back to the communities they love. I hope you treat Startup Week events and your community with the same amount of respect as I do. If you see someone using the platform to pitch or sell, send them to this post and try to get them to see the amazing things that a startup community can do together.