What are the Biggest Startup Week Countries?

Startup Week is now represented around the world in a big way, but where are we biggest? I was poking around the stats today and found, by pageviews, a fun list of where we have Startup Week events.



The United States being #1 isn’t very surprising but Mexico and Spain being #2-4 will be to a few people.

San Luis Potosi was our first Startup Week in Mexico and had over 2600 participants.

Barcelona Startup Week just finished up Friday and had over 1500.

Minas Startup Week in Brazil also finished up Friday and posted over 5000 participants!

Lagos Startup Week in Nigeria had 2800 participants and Steve Case showed up and gave away $55,000 to a startup.

London Startup Week has not even happened but is posting impressive traffic.

We have quite a few Canadian Startup Weeks including NL, East Coast, Vancouver, Edmonton and hopefully Toronto Startup Week to be added soon.

Sydney Startup Week is set for next month!

Biggest question on my mind is which Indian city is going to be the first to launch? You can apply here.