Why I’m Not Surprised by Vancouver Startup Week’s Success

Consider it passed. Last year a group of Vancouver locals sought out to test the city’s desire to celebrate the tech and innovation community with an entire week of programming. It was planned for Vancouverites, by Vancouverites, and with only a few months to prepare, a hard-working group lined up more than 80 events to give back to, inspire, and educate the startup community. They are back again for year two, and the schedule is just as robust!


One of the reasons their success is apparent is that they had defined goals of what they wanted to produce by launching the week and why. “A goal without a plan is just a wish,” but this team’s drive and will to bring only the best events for the community were clear, and they delivered. Let’s take a deeper look into what the Vancouver team wants to accomplish with Startup Week:

Vancouver Startup Week Goals

  • Contribute to the growth of both companies and ecosystems in Vancouver’s innovation and technology communities.  It’s their intent to help the existing startups in Vancouver succeed, while making the city the top-of-mind destination for other startups who want to thrive.
  • Provide a useful platform. Get to work! Workshops and hands-on activities will be the real programming focuses of the week.
  • Support, not compete. They see that they are stronger together. Communities aren’t formed with parties of one.
  • Celebrate the community. By creating a platform that’s a broad celebration of the varied successes, it draws the attention of media, investors, and top technological talent.
  • Accessible under one pass. Attend one or attend all. This will be an open and easy-to-attend event.

The events next week support and aligns with the group’s intent, and we can’t wait to hear how it propels the the tech and innovation community further for the second year. Break a leg next week, Vancouver!